The winery

Cellar with up-to-date technology and wines of different quality and variety, in order to meet clients’ specific demands


Built in the 1940’s, the winery has been extended year by year in accordance with the needs of an expanding business and, periodically, it has undergone radical refurbishment to accommodate recent technology.

Today, the winery has at its disposal the most modern machinery for soft pressing and crushing grapes, for enriching and concentrating musts, for fermentation at controlled temperatures, for restoring musts, for micro-oxygenation and for de-sulphuring and filtration.

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With around 150 stainless steel tanks and cement reservoirs with the total capacity of approximately 55,000 hl, Frontenac is well placed to handle significant volumes. And, thanks to firm links with neighbouring wineries, Frontenac is able to respond promptly to sudden increased demand.

The large number of tanks of considerable volume and the quality and variety of the wines at their different processing stage ensure that clients’ specific demands can be met. And where large volumes are required, the 5,000 hl tanks will guarantee homogeneous content and uniform quality.

Responsible for the winery and in charge of the wine making is Gianpiero Cioci.

With a modern laboratory at their disposal they are well placed to closely monitor every phase of production and all the qualitative, chemical and organoleptic parameters.