Close monitoring at every step of the process

modern oenological methods, wine analytical laboratory, waste treatment


winery treatment and purification plant

winery treatment and purification plant

Frontenac firmly believes that in order to ensure quality – whether of corrective or blended wines, DOC, DOCG, ITP and IGT labels or semi-finished products such as musts – careful attention and close monitoring must be applied at every step of the process.

The upkeep of the vineyards and the selection of grapes are only the starting point. Frontenac has always insisted on assiduous research and development, has regularly invested in cutting-edge plants and machinery and employs the latest oenological methods – all of which combine, during the wine making, refining and stocking processes, to protect the wines’ particular characteristics and to enhance the quality of the grapes during the period of growth and maturity.

Protection of the environment is, for Frontenac, part and parcel of its quest for excellence. For the past 35 years, in compliance with the letter and spirit of wine producing legislation, the company has operated a waste treatment and purification plant. Although the waste material is limited to organic substances produced by processing the grapes and water used to clean machineries and tanks, the volume and concentration of such wastes are such as to necessitate daily treatment prior to admission into the general waste management circuit.