Sangiovese grapes and Sangiovese IGT wines in Abruzzo.


Sangiovese grapes

Sangiovese grapes

Sangiovese is well-known and highly appreciated throughout the world.

The ‘espalier’ or traditional sun-shade method of planting maximises the grape’s yield and quality. Frontenac acquires its Sangiovese grapes from regions in Abruzzo and Le Marche suited to the cultivation of this grape.

Wine organoleptic features:

Colour From purple to ruby red
Aroma Intense fragrance, recalls the season of violets and cherries
Taste Elegant and pleasing with good tannin structure

From Sangiovese vines Frontenac is able to produce quality concentrated or sulphured musts, as well as wines that can be used as base for red wines or wines ready for consumption or for ageing.

Nouveau wines can also be obtained, employing the carbonic maceration technique.

Alcohol content ranges from 12 to 13.5% vol. depending on the harvest.