Pecorino grapes and Pecorino IGT wines in Abruzzo.

IGT Terre di Chieti, IGT Colline Pescaresi, IGT Colli Aprutini


Pecorino vine and Pecorino wine

Pecorino vine and Pecorino wine

This indigenous grape which probably originated in the Marche region, has recently been rediscovered and is now grown in the heart of Abruzzo.

Clusters are medium size, while the grapes are small and an intense yellow colour with hints of green.

Wine organoleptic features:

Colour Intense gold-yellow
Aroma White pulp fruit such as ripe pear, with delicate hints of honey and bread crust
Taste Robust and well-balanced structure with good acidity levels

Honouring the particular characteristics of this vine, Frontenac’s Pecorino is varietal. The wines reach a typical acidity of around 6-7 g/l and the alcohol content sometimes exceeds 14% volume.

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Disciplinare [Production Regulation] IGT Terre di Chieti in pdf.
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