Passerina grapes and Passerina IGT wines in Abruzzo.

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Passerina vine and wine

Passerina vine and wine

A vine of uncertain origin (between Le Marche and Abruzzo) the Passerina is an exceedingly versatile grape that responds to different forms of viticulture.

The clusters are compact with large grapes of intense yellow and somewhat thick skin.

Wine organoleptic features:

Colour Brilliant yellow, with hints of green
Aroma Clean and persistent, flowery with scent of herbs
Taste Fresh, dry, well-balanced structure, the acidity which is characteristic of this vine is evident.

Passerina is a typical varietal, but it is also ideal as a corrective wine to give freshness to and rejuvenate other wines.

The alcohol content is approximately 12% vol. and it pH ranges between 3 and 3.20.

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