Malvasia grapes and Malvasia wines in Abruzzo.


Malvasia grapes

Malvasia grapes

These grapes are grown throughout Italy in varieties ranging from neutral to intense fragrance up to the distinctive aroma of Malvasia di Candia.

Clusters are big size, while the grapes are medium size and of yellow colour with brownish spots if properly exposed to sunlight.

Wine organoleptic features:

Colour Brilliant yellow, with hints of green
Aroma Harmonic, elegant, flowery and with yellow pulp fruit scent
Taste Elegant, with the bitter notes typical of Malvasia grapes.

Thanks to its versatility, Malvasia grapes are suitable for a ready and easy-to-drink wine and at the same time ideal for blends aiming at balanced elegance and smoothness.

The typical alcohol content ranges between 12% and 13% vol.