Chardonnay grapes and Chardonnay IGT wines in Abruzzo.

IGT Terre di Chieti, IGT Colline Pescaresi, IGT Colli Aprutini


Chardonnay grape and Chardonnay wine

Chardonnay grape and Chardonnay Wine

This international vine, grown throughout Italy, is characterised by medium-sized, pyramidal clusters and golden-yellow medium-sized grapes.

The variety grown in Abruzzo is typically cultivated with the sun-shade technique, so as to ensure well-balanced ripening and to optimise quality.

Wine organoleptic features:

Colour Brilliant yellow
Aroma A mixture of exotic fruit
Taste Dry, bold, with good structure and correct acidity

Given its many potential uses, the Chardonnay is marketed as IGT ready for consumption , though it can be blended according to clients’ requests.

This wine is also suitable for ageing and for producing a sparkling wine. Its typical alcohol content ranges between 12 and 13.5% vol.

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Disciplinare [Production Regulation] IGT Colli Aprutini in pdf.
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