History of the Frontenac winery

Wine producers for four genarations


The Marozzi family have been wine producers for four generations.

In 1920, Telesforo Marozzi, who owned a small vineyard in the Ascoli Piceno province, set up business in Trieste, which had only just been restored to Italy, with a view to exporting Abruzzo wines to Austria and Slovenia. In the early 1940’s he moved his wine production facilities to Martinsicuro which then became the centre of his enterprise.

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In the post World War years, the company concentrated its activities on producing vinegar base and distilling wine for brandy. By the mid 1980’s Frontenac had found a market in Germany where its products were bought almost in entirety by long-established brandy and vinegar producers.

With a fall in demand for brandies in the 1990’s, the company returned to its roots. The focus was, once again, the production of superior wines, preferably from the region’s traditional grapes, such as the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and its Cerasuolo version, the Trebbiano, the Malvasia, the Pecorino and the Passerina.

Sound investment, cutting edge technology, steadily increased production and sale, efficient management and the confidence inspired by the business remaining in family hands for successive generations, have combined to make Frontenac one of the largest wine producers in Abruzzo and a respected business partner.